DevOps for Presentations: Markdown, Pandoc, Reveal.js, GitLab CI

Benji Fisher

May 22, 2019


Markdown: lists

  1. First
  2. Second
    1. nested
    2. nested

Markdown: images


Markdown: subheadings

H3 heading

H4 heading

H5 heading
H6 heading


Pandoc: Document converter

  • Goal: convert anything to anything
  • Method: anything -> markdown -> anything

Pandoc: input formats

Pandoc: output formats

Pandoc: usage


Reveal.js: beautiful presentations

GitLab CI

GitLab CI: free and flexible

  • fully integrated with GitLab
  • free for public repositories
  • use any Docker image
  • jobs and pipelines
  • branches, tags, commits

GitLab CI: pages

  • Create a job called pages.
  • Add files to public/.
  • Save it as an artifact.

GitLab CI: example .gitlab-ci.yml

Live Demo

Live Demo: typos

Do not trust your spell checker

  • edit
  • make
  • commit
  • push


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